Josh Nelson & the Discovery Project

Josh Nelson | music component/composer/pianist
Travis Flournoy | video component
Claudia Carballada, Jesse Ottinger | art installation component

The Discovery Project is an ongoing multi-disciplinary artistic collaboration and presentation. The goal for each unique installation is to create an immersive experience for the audience, utilizing original music compositions and a variety of concrete and abstract moving images projected onto sculptural forms, and subsequently transforming a space entirely. The original concept behind The Discovery Project was conceived alongside pianist/composer’s Josh Nelson's album release Discoveries (2011).

The Three Shows

The Discovery Project series includes three shows that follow the same framework but explore different themes. Each iteration coincides with a different album of music, and their respective visuals and scenography.

discoveries .jpg
exploring mars.png
the sky remains album cover.jpeg

Live Performances

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Photo and video gallery of live performances.



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