The third in iteration in The Discovery Project series, The Sky Remains unearths hidden gems and little-known stories about composer Josh Nelson’s hometown.


The Sky Remains - Josh Nelson

The Sky Remains is Nelson's love letter to Los Angeles. He and his talented crew of fellow Angelenos convey sentiment about the city and its treasures while uncovering lost history and acknowledging a few L.A. icons along the way.

Track List:

Bridges & Tunnels

The Sky Remains

On the Sidewalk

The Architect

Ah, Los Angeles


Lost Souls of Saturn


Pacific Ocean Park



Bridges and Tunnels - Josh Nelson
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"Wonders never cease here, as Nelson's imagination carries us to unexpected places and uncovers topics and stories hidden in the mists and mortar of Los Angeles...he paints subtle gestures, sophisticated thoughts, and broad strokes...the end result is a work that speaks to an arranger's mind, a songwriter's sensibility, and a historian's keep the mind and emotions busy and happy."

- Dan Bilowsky, All About Jazz

“I’m definitely in awe of what’s in this city and its quiet history. Maybe it’s just a product of having been born here, but I’m discovering new things and stories about it that were just sitting right under my nose. And I’m hoping that people who hear these stories might be interested in learning more about the fascinating history of Los Angeles."

- Josh Nelson